River Soft

RiverSoft is a Ukrainian product company. We are more than one hundred people united by the idea of creation new solutions capable of simplifying many vital processes. We are not just a company – we are friendly collective, working for reaching the common goals. Work at the RiverSoft is not just a product implementation but realization of shared ideas and each employee’s potential.


  • Mobile Development

  • Web Development

  • Desktop Applications

  • Processes Automation

  • Applications for Environment Infrastructure Management

  • Development of Complex Automation Systems

  • Software Testing

  • Training Courses


To be a part of the RiverSoft team is not just a participation in a full cycle of ideas development and implementation but an opportunity to become a part of great creations. Our team consists of the specialists from different areas, working as an organized mechanism not only within work projects and office but also within day-to-day life. We regularly spend joint leisure, participate in company’s charity undertakings, and take active rest by a friendly team. RiverSoft is not just a place we work in but a place where we receive new emotions, chat with interesting people and spend our time great.

  • Турнир по настольному теннису RiverSoft Autumn Cup 2017 фото 10