• Академия BeetRoot в Кременчуге
    Swedish-Ukrainian school in development and design opened its doors in Kremenchug. The academy focuses on providing practical skills that will be useful for students in their work. This approach as very effective, because the level of employment of graduates reaches 75%. In...
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  • Charity Easter Fair

    без имени-17
    This year we decided to celebrate Easter with Charity Easter Fair. Our employees baked delicious sweets, which they then sold to each other. All proceeds will be used to purchase everything needed for the Novozhanzharskiy boarding home. read more
  • insanebyte-image-01-1
    A large-scale conference for IT specialists “InsaneByte” will take place in Kremenchuk on May 26th. Heads of Ukrainian IT companies, developers, designers, analysts and many others will report on...
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  • Святой Валентин Riversoft 1
    St. Valentine’s Day has passed, but pleasant memories will keep our hearts warm for a long time. Lovely cupid has kindly agreed to become our personal mail carrier, to deliver valentines cards with delicious treats to the addressees and to make memento photos. On this day, none of our employees were left out....
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  • Турнир по настольному теннису RiverSoft Autumn Cup 2017 фото
    We are happy to announce the results of our Ping Pong RiverSoft Autumn Cup 2017. This annual competition was second in the history of our company. This time, 24 employees competed for the championship. They demonstrated their skills and outstanding desire to win. Romashko Aleksandr,...
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  • _DSC0258
    Halloween is another holiday, which our company celebrates together. We had a Sabbath-styled swinging party with guests from various hierarchies of the underworld. Following traditions, we dressed in interesting, and somewhat very scary costumes. Sweets and jack-o'-lanterns were an integral attribute of the holiday. All...
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  • IMG_0093
    We are expanding our horizons in the development of the young talents of our city. We have already shared news about supporting the initiatives of the wonderful organization Code Club, which allows children to study programming and gain first practical experience. We are pleased to...
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  • Футбол в субботу RiverSoft фото
    Last Saturday was very interesting for our company. We had an arena football tournament – RiverSoft Cup 2017! It was venturesome and not without surprises. In the contest for the top position between six teams, there were many scored goals, penalty shoot-outs and unexpected wins. Read more
  • Day of the programmer 2017 - 1
    Every our celebration of the 256th day of the year is bright and memorable! This time we went to the holiday resort, where we had a great time, ate tasty food and even sang songs to the guitar. We didn't forget about active rest as well. Everyone could find the activity to their taste: someone played volleyball, badminton or megavolleyball, and someone tried their accuracy at shooting range or...
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  • Европейская Юниорская олимпиада по информатике - фото
    In Sofia, a Bulgarian city, from 7th to 13th September there was European Junior Information Science Contest. Almost 90 participants came from 23 countries, including Ukraine. Ukraine was represented by four students - Daniil Ostashev (Kharkiv), Sofia Melnik (Kremenchuk), Maksym Nikitenko (Kremenchuk), Nazarii Denga...
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