International Women’s Day in RiverSoft


8 march mime
8 march
8 march teacher greetings
8 march at designers'
8 march flowers
8 march flowers again
8 march dance

International Women’s Day could not forget about RiverSoft because a good quarter of our collective are women. Of course, we couldn’t leave them without attention.

Mime could leave them without care neither. Properly, he was taciturn on greetings, but not mean on presents. No one left without a giant balloon flower. For sure, donkey Ia dreamt about it.

While the male part was hardly working, our ladies were receiving greetings from the company direction and emcee in the IT Place. Everyone got their presents, postcards with personal greetings, and a good mood.

Sincerely hope that by collective efforts RiverSoft managed to make this day bright and memorable for our women!