English Practice in ReverSoft


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In the IT world everyone knows that knowing the English language is an important, if not an essential skill, which allows both to read the most modern literature in the sphere and have business conversation with foreign clients.

Now there are lots of paid and free English courses. Their graduates have got quite good level of knowledge, however, in order to keep yourself on that level, you have to practice.

RiverSoft employees regularly take part in Speaking Clubs which are held in the IT Place. But certainly there can’t be too much practice, so yesterday our employees had a chance to communicate with Luis Jofre from Chile, who came here to exchange the knowledge and experience with Ukrainian engineers.

We talked about different things, including work, journeys, everyday life. And Luis told us some information about himself.

Anyone interested got the opportunity to practice their Listening & Speaking Skills. We want to thank Luis a lot for all this.

Learn English and practice it as much as possible, as it’s the most common language in the world for good reason.