St Valentine’s Day in RiverSoft


St Valentine’s Day in the RiverSoft was exciting, with a consistent style and tone. All began with a hand-made workshop the day before the holiday. A lot of enthusiasm and efforts grew into great handcrafted postcards, which, undoubtedly, were delivered and presented to a close person on the Valentine’s Day.

Saint Valentine ordered to leave greetings in each room and workplace to make a slightly chilly day warmer. Special thanks to our full-time Valentine’s helpers for the achievement. Tasty sweets with morning coffee were exactly what was needed.

During the day thematic photocall, candies, and Valentine cards where everyone could point the addressee, regards, and leave the card in Valentine’s postbox waited for all the RiverSoft staff. Our mail carriers took care of delivery to make sure that every employee at the end of the day received their postcards and didn’t go home without a good mood!