We are looking for a person who loves mathematics, computing and probability theory, who is ready to work with complicated problems and large amounts of data.


  • Higher education (Applied Mathematics / Applied Physics / other).
  • Fondness for searching the regularities, studying the mathematical functions, wish to get to the bottom of details and nuances.
  • Base knowledge of SQL (not necessary).
  • Programming languages knowledge is additionally welcomed.


  • Developing and programming the computing algorithms.
  • Developing the mathematical models.
  • Approximation of functions.
  • Developing the probabilities of models.
  • Detecting the regularities in the system work based on statistics.
  • Maintaining internal documentation.
  • Solving the applied problems.

If you join us, you will:

  • Become the part of the friendly staff;
  • Get the chance of and assistance in your professional and career growth;
  • Work in the office with all comforts and rest zones;
  • Get access to unlimited tea and coffee supplies, and also to tasty set meal;
  • Be able to attend free English courses;
  • Get the chance to go to the gym or do yoga without leaving the office;
  • Be able to take part in various corporate events.

Do you have a wish to join us? Send your CV to: