Java Developer


Currently we are looking for a fanatical back-end developer, but also sometimes we will need the skills of a universal full-stack programmer. We are using Scrum developing technology and keeping to Continuous delivery.


  • Knowing Java SE (including Collections and Concurrency);
  • Work experience with JPA / Hibernate / JDBC;
  • Work experience with Spring (Spring AOP, Spring Security, Spring MVC, Spring Boot);
  • Work experience with Java EE (WS, REST, Servlet), JMS;
  • Work experience with JavaScript, HTML 4/5;
  • Work experience with Mongodb;
  • Active usage of the modern code testing, using unit-tests, TDD approaches;
  • Using Cradle, Maven.

As an advantage will be:

  • NoSQL: Neo4j, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra;
  • JVM: Groovy, Scala;
  • Using specific technologies, Google Guava, RXJava, Apache Felix, BigData, Hadoop;
  • English language at the Intermediate level.

If you join us, you will:

  • — Become the part of the friendly staff;
  • — Get the chance of and assistance in your professional and career growth;
  • — Work in the office with all comforts and rest zones;
  • — Get access to unlimited tea and coffee supplies, and also to tasty set meal;
  • — Be able to attend free English courses;
  • — Get the chance to go to the gym or do yoga without leaving the office;
  • — Be able to take part in various corporate events.

Do you have a wish to join us? Send your CV to: