Senior Sales Manager (SaaS)


RiverSoft is a product IT company, and our new promising product, which has unique features, is entering the market. The main point of our project is to provide a new vision of the electronic document, as we think that since Word and Excel appeared, nothing much has changed in this sphere. Our ideology is to give a user “alive” structure of documents, where you can reuse and link data, find cause-effect relations, and do it all in the universal environment which will cover the needs of different subject matters. If you have ever wondered how much information we duplicate, how long we spend looking for necessary information in GDocs, Slack, JIRA and other systems, then you can easily understand what we strive for and what problem we are trying to solve.

Our requirements:

  • — experience in sales, understanding the sales process and cycle, understanding special features of SaaS sales;
  • — ability to create and realize presentations;
  • — experienced user of Excel, Word, Google Docs;
  • — enthusiasm for technologies, ability to deal with different services;
  • — excellent communicative skills;
  • — interest in product success;
  • — experience of involvement in a fast-growing startup will be an advantage.

Key tasks:

  • — developing sales strategies, introducing the product to the market;
  • — taking part in the creation of a marketing strategy;
  • — active search for clients;
  • — meetings with prospective clients, negotiating with them and giving presentations;
  • — analyzing, identifying and forming the needs of clients.

You are going to get:

  • — the opportunity to realize your own ideas, create new functions and improve the existing product;
  • — unlimited professional as well as skill growth;
  • — high salary, which directly depends on personal results;
  • — the absence of micromanagement, you plan your day yourself, and you are directly responsible for the results of your work.

We are waiting for your CV by: [email protected]